Barresi Financial Welcomes Jepson Clients

For a combined 70 years, Barresi Financial, Inc. and Jepson Financial Advisors, P.A. have been managing the investments of clients in northern Maine and beyond. With Brent Jepson transitioning towards full retirement, the two firms have worked out a plan to transition his clients to the Barresi Financial team.

“My goal was to find an investment firm that I was totally comfortable with entrusting my clients to so that they continue to see the same high level of personalized service that I have strived to provide over the past 30 years” Jepson said. “Over several months of meetings on investment philosophies and day-to-day operations, I am very confident that they will provide an excellent home for my clients moving forward.”

Discussions that began in 2019 ramped up in mid-2021, when an agreement and timeline was crafted to transition the client relationships effective January 1, 2022.

“We have known Brent personally and professionally for many years, so we were eager to work with him and welcome his clients into our firm,” said Scott Violette, Partner at Barresi Financial. “It has been a busy few months of joint client meetings to make introductions and transition those investment accounts over.”

While business continuity and succession are important to most businesses, they are hallmarks of Barresi Financial. Established in 1979 by Marcus Barresi, the firm was transitioned to Scott Boucher and Nate Berry beginning in 2005. Scott Violette was added as a third owner in 2015, and the next generation of owners is currently being developed.

“Our goal has always been to develop a high-quality team that ensures that our clients are taken care of regardless of who the owners are,” Berry said. “That was important to Marcus from the day Scott and I started working with him in 1998, and it is the reason that the name of the firm has not changed throughout any of these ownership transitions.”

Jepson will remain involved on a consulting basis through 2022. “Many of these clients have supported me for three decades,” says Jepson “Those are deep and meaningful relationships and I want to make sure that the transition is smooth for everyone involved.”

Scott Violette, CFP and Brent Jepson, CFP meet with a client to review the transition of her account to Barresi Financial.

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