Celebrating 40 Years in Business

2019 marked our 40th year in business. During that time we have received the support of thousands of individuals, businesses and organizations throughout Maine.

To wrap up our 40th year, we wanted to give back so we asked our staff to make nominations of charities and organizations that they feel are doing great work throughout Maine.

We had some great recommendations, and each day for 12 days we posted on social media the recipient for that day. In all 12 cases, the donations were not announced to the organizations in advance. We made the donation and then made the post on Facebook and Instagram.

It was great to see the supporters of these organizations comment on and share our posts. Due to this grassroots display, we decided to run a “contest” where we posted all 12 organizations and the one that received the most “Likes” by Christmas evening would receive another $500 donation.

Empty Arms of Greater Bangor received an impressive 142 Likes so we made a Christmas evening donation to this great organization.